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Marneen Lynne Fields


Award-winning pop-rock-blues adult contemporary artist, ASCAP composer, SAG actress, and scriptwriter, Marneen Lynne Fields is also the CEO, executive producer, and creative director of Heavenly Waterfall (ASCAP) and HWSP (BMI) Song Publishing and Productions company.

Marneen is the daughter of country western singer and square dance caller, Robert Leo Fields II who had one of the first music television shows in Minot, North Dakota in the 1950s. She’s been singing since she was two years old and was somewhat of a child prodigy in math growing up. A multi-musician as a child who played string bass, clarinet, and keyboards in her elementary school band. She’s been writing broken-hearted love ballads and pouring her heart out in songs since she was a teenager.

Marneen has also had a very successful career in entertainment, she’s appeared in 150 films, primetime TV shows, web series, and theatrical productions as a lead vocalist, a SAG actress, a stunt-actress, and a stuntwoman since 1976. For decades, IMDB has ranked her the #1 female talent from her hometown of Minot, North Dakota.

Since 1991, Marneen has worked as a professional singer. She has a song repertoire of 150 Top 40 songs under her belt and she has lent her amazing voice to twenty band’s song demos. Marneen Lynne Fields is the ASCAP composer of thirty-five original pop-rock-blues songs with a focus on love, heartbreak, inspiration, and God. Look for her to reach the top of the world charts with her passionate Adele, Whitney Houston, and Julie London style (alto-soprano voice) woven into her soaring melodic passionate love ballads.

She performs live in Los Angeles at red carpet events, nightclubs, showcases, and on radio shows around the world when not accepting awards for her singing, music, acting, and writing. She’s in the studio now completing work on her highly anticipated solo CD, The Blue Veil Project: A Compilation of Heartfelt Memories. She has plans to become a Grammy’s voting member in the future.

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