Review for "I've Never Ever Stopped Loving You." This singer’s trademark style is the power. At times soaring, at times oh-so-quiet, the tones are emotionally compelling, vulnerable and powerful in ways that makes you sit up and take notice. I loved this singer’s cover version of REM’s Everybody Hurts for the same reasons. This is a standard in an unconventional sense, a minor key, strangely lachrymose triumph. Its uniqueness gives one the urge to listen again, and then the song’s fine qualities grow on you, listen after listen. The simplicity of the words are like a 70s love song, but the personal touches to those same lines – a cottage across town, the removal of necklaces (suggesting perhaps the freeing from the shackles of a relationship in one respect) – highlight again the wonderfully unconventional nature of the singer’s vision. She’s a musically astute songwriter and singer – and she is avant-garde in the best sense.”

Award-Winning Writer and Bloggist, Richard Gibney

Former pioneering Hollywood stuntwoman, actress and now multi-talented singer-songwriter Marneen Lynne Fields’ latest single, ‘I’ve Never Stopped Loving You’ is an immaculately produced and wonderfully addictive pop-rock track. Fields’ sultry, earthy vocals have a welcome touch of chanteuse Marcella Detroit, emoting her words in a heartfelt, passionate, at times playful way. The instrumental backup amalgamates perfectly with Fields’ distinct voice; soaring keyboards, poignant piano, punchy guitar. These, plus Fields’ lyrics all combine to create a wonderfully memorable, unique and touching single. With an equally impressive body of musical work, here’s hoping that Marneen will soon release a much-anticipated album.”

Australian Author Michelle Alexander, Chelle's Inferno Blog

Review for "I've Never Ever Stopped Loving You." Fantastic song Marneen, you have really outdone yourself this time, terrific vocals and lovely production, great job! I am very proud and impressed! Produced by Steve Valenzuela (Kelly Clarkson), the song has a great vocal delivery that mixes parts of Ann Wilson (Heart) and Janis Joplin with some cool vocal phasing effects as it lays over an instrumental that is both crisp and clean yet also has some nice subtle hints of underground/garage rock. And like a lot of your music, it has a very cinematic quality that could easily see it incorporated into a feature film soundtrack. Wonderful song and performance from you. I really like some of the tones you find on this track, and the modulation. You can tell the lyrics and inspiration behind the song mean a lot to you. Terrific job on the CD cover by the artist as well, perfectly reflects the song I think. You have really outdone yourself this time! It is one of those song that grows and grows on you and then stays with you (in a good way) for a long time afterwards.”

Amazon Best Selling Author, John Harrison

Review for "Release My Love." I didn't really rate your vocals the first time I heard them. I actually think that you're far more "alternative", more "credible" and less "commercial" than you give yourself credit for. I think as well that some of your music is grower material in the way that great album tracks are growers, that some songs will make you take notice immediately, and others will require a couple of listens. And as I said, I think you're a thinking person's vocalist and songwriter. Both the tinkling of piano synth and the humming in the opening bars of this gorgeous song suggest a more conventional piece of music than you actually get with Marneen Lynne Fields’ "Release My Love." It sounds like a pop standard or a conventional ballad, but at the same time, it doesn't. With the exception of a soaring bridge and an impressively powerful final chorus, Marneen’s vocals sound both quite light and exquisite. They say that writers often make their craft look easy to the reader; Marneen does the exact same when it comes to singing, but the vocals here show a masterful complexity that pulsates under the light touch. The echoic lines and the dreamy nature of the music continue into a bridge that surprises. You can hear the bridge coming in, and at the same time, it pops up on you in a beautiful way. Before you know it, you’re into a vocal change that is unexpected in its power, and full of elation, that resonates long after the song has ended. You could also call it dreamy. You know? I felt that way originally. I love the videotape line, but I can't hear the full thing. "Release my passion for you" is a great line. It sits well with the light arrangement, but it'd work with other arrangements. You have a bridge in it (would you call it a bridge?) that is incorporated back into the song again in a way that I've never heard done before with a bridge. There's a big change for the bridge, and then it blends back into the main part of the song in a way that is so surprising because the bridge doesn't seem to end - you expect it to, but the song simply continues. Good stuff. Honestly, I don't think you sound like anyone else, Marneen. Not in this song, anyway. (In a good way.) Rich”

Ireland's short story award winner, Richard Gibney

Review for "Release My Love." I have known Marnie for 5 years, and she never fails to stun me. This song is so fresh, powerful and elicits passionate lover moment visuals. I am both a fan of hers from her dangerous stunt actor day, death defying, helicopter jumping, to escaping from Freddie Kruger days. She is both professional, beautiful and armed with a heart for the arts, and wields it so very well through her editing, songwriting, acting and singing to keep her audience fascinated. She is a great pal too, in addition to her strong songwriting and seeking perfection, taking the time and due diligence tactics to keep her work and her life sparkling. You rock Marneen Lynne Fields!!!”

Entertainment Journalist, Maurice Dwayne Smith

Review for "I'll Never Kiss His Lips Again." Beautiful song, haunting and passionate and filled with raw emotion. Wonderful vocal performance that comes across so well in the mix, I love the production as well. The melody and tempo is perfect for the song and its theme. It's tragic and baroque, melodic and moving. Big congrats! Love the video also. Very cool to be able to watch you performing in the studio while listening to it :-)”

Amazon Best Selling Author, John Harrison

Review for "Standing Ovation! You're the Star!" With its slick, professional production driven by an irresistible backbeat of soaring keyboards and hypnotic bass, the sheer feel-good danceability of “Standing Ovation! You’re the Star!” is excitingly at odds with the sombre and dark passages to be found in composer/performer Marneen Lynne Fields' lyrics for the song. “Unfaithful lover was your best part”, Fields sings with both passion and hurt, before casting the man at the centre of the song – a charismatic but tyrannical stage actor in the vintage Richard Burton mould - as “the star of the horror film of my life”. Combining elements of classic 1980s new wave pop some Pet Shop Boys-esque dance beats, and even weaving in a touch of updated 1960s female pop sounds, “Standing Ovation! You’re the Star!” is easily one of Marneen Lynne Fields' catchiest and most commercial songs to date, a song you can both dance to as well as just sit and listen to and absorb, or sing out loud to as you are driving with it pumping from your stereo. The song’s cinematic quality would also make it perfect for a big movie or television series, making it a clear triumph all around for the remarkably talented lady behind it all.”

Amazon Best Selling Author, John Harrison

Review for "Kathryn Davis: Take 2." It didn't take two takes for me to love this song. That is so rare. Great hooks, and a vocal that is crisp, thrilling and sells the song like nothing else. I absolutely loved it. I'll be humming it for awhile. The song has heart, and is the anthem for so many of us who just want to go for it. Well done. Congratulations on a wonderful work!”

Award-Winning Author, Richard Stellar

Review for "Kathryn Davis: Take 2." Great stuff, Honeybun. Is the pilot out yet? It looks a little Mary Tyler Moore - it looks like a spinoff without the need for an original show. I like it more when I listen more than once. The lyrics are clever. It's like Frasier without Cheers! :-) And I know that you have the chops and the background and the autobiographical detail to take the ball and run with it. The title video has echoes of a spinoff without the original series - somebody starting over, in the same town. The auditioning and call-back circuit are touched on wonderfully, and the central character citing Chekhov and clever stuff. You can quote me, Marneen. I know that it's personal taste. I can appreciate the musicianship, skill and vocal abilities of Metallica without liking heavy metal. :-) I do love your talent and I can see the skill in whatever you do. I do think there's a passionate rawness and honesty to your voice that's rare. xxx Actually, it has the vibe of a previous life and a fresh start. It sets things up nicely. It does what it says it will, and it actually explains what the show is about - which is a very rare thing.”

Award-Winning Short Story Author, Richard Gibney

ILL Never Kiss His Lips Again" by Marneen Lynn Fields is a most powerful and beautiful song that touched my heart and will touch yours too.”

Award-Winning Poet, Kevin Hollingsworth

Review for "Shadows." Smokey, cool, mysterious, sultry and sexy, and a little bit dangerous. A brilliant song with an ambiance that would make it perfect for a David Lynch movie. Love the vocals and the guitar sound. Great video production as well, suits the song perfectly.”

Amazon Best Selling Author, John Harrison